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Commercial Transportation

Alberta Transportation plays a key role in moving goods and people across Alberta. We administer, manage, andenforce legislation, regulations and policy pertaining to the safe operation of commercial vehicles.

These regulations and policies are designed to minimize the risk to our infrastructure and contribute to the safety of the travelling public on Albertas highways.

A commercial carrier is the owner of one or more commercial vehicles used for the purpose of transporting goods or passengers, and holding the appropriate safety and operating certificates to do so. Commercial vehicle means a vehicle operated on a highway by or on behalf of a person for the purpose of providing transportation but does not include a private passenger vehicle.

The links in the right hand sidebar provide information pertaining to the safe operation of commercial vehicles, including carrier safety requirements, commercial vehicle weights and dimensions, equipment and safety standards, inspections, the safe transportation of dangerous goods, road restrictions and bans. Also included is the provinces requirements for the safe operation of provincial rail systems.



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