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Information Bulletin - Checkstops Dec-07

December 6, 2007

Checkstops flashing lights are a sign of the festive season

Edmonton Alberta police services will be out in force during December running traditional Checkstops and doing roving patrols to catch impaired drivers. They will also provide information about the consequences of drinking and driving. Impaired driving is a significant factor in collisions throughout the province; of all drivers involved in fatal collisions during 2006, more than 22 per cent had consumed alcohol before the crash.

Albertans who suspect a motorist is driving while impaired can report the incident to the local police service by calling 911. Have the following information ready: location and direction of travel of the suspected impaired driver; time of observation; licence plate number; make, model, colour and any additional information about the vehicle; and description of the driver.

Impaired driving is a serious crime that has serious consequences
On average, approximately 7,700 people are convicted of impaired driving in Alberta each year. The Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension (AALS) ensures that drivers charged with an alcohol-related offence will face an automatic suspension of their driving privileges no conviction is necessary. AALS includes:

  • Immediate 24-hour licence suspension;

  • Automatic three-month licence suspension or disqualification for providing a breath or blood sample greater than .08 or refusing to provide a breath or blood sample;

  • Automatic six month licence suspension or disqualification if the offense results in bodily harm or death;

  • A 21-day temporary permit to allow the driver to set his or her affairs in order.

First time offenders face the humiliation of being arrested, possible legal expenses, fees and alternate transportation costs, as well as a one-year licence suspension upon conviction. Drivers convicted of impaired driving causing injury or death receive a mandatory five-year licence suspension.

Alternatives to drinking and driving
Designate a driver who will not drink any alcoholic beverages before and during an outing, take a cab, use public transit, or call one of the community organizations that will drive motorists and their vehicle home safely. When socializing at private homes, licensed establishments or special events, the key is to plan in advance how everyone will return home safely.

Improving traffic safety is part of Premier Ed Stelmachs plan to secure Albertas future by building communities, greening our growth and creating opportunity.

For more information about traffic safety, contact the Office of Traffic Safety at (780) 422-8839 or visit .

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Media enquiries may be directed to:

Liz Owens
Office of Traffic Safety
Alberta Transportation
[email protected]


To call toll-free within Alberta dial 111-0000.

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