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Driving Instructors

To ensure a high quality of professional driver education in Alberta, Alberta Transportation licenses and certifies Driving Instructors under the Driver Training and Driver Examination Regulation. Licensed driving instructors provide driver training to the public for a fee and must be employed by a licensed driver training school. Certified instructors can only conduct driver training for employees of a certified employee driver training agency and must be employed by that agency.

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Licensed Driving Instructors

A list of licensed driving instructors in Alberta, instructor requirements, instructor application, and resource documents for Class 5 and Classes 1 and 3 instructor development are covered in the titles below.

Licensed Driving Instructor Requirements(pdf69.52 KB)

Licensed Driving Instructor Application(pdf175.45 KB)

Renewal Application for Licensed Driving Instructor(pdf 174.97)

Licensed Driving Instructor Record of Instruction DPLS0027 (pdf 122 KB)

Driving Instructor Development Guide for Class 5(pdf262.42 KB)

Driving Instructor Development Guide for Classes 1 and 3 (pdf 374.50)

Certified Instructors

A certified instructor requirements sheet and an instructor application are covered in the titles below.

Certified Instructor Requirements(pdf59.0 KB)

Certified Instructor Application(pdf57.9 KB)


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