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Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP)


The Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) is a provincial grant funding program that provides financial assistance to rural and smaller urban municipalities to develop and maintain key local transportation infrastructure, such as local road bridges, community airports and resource roads. The goal of the program is to promote economic growth, support job creation and improve mobility and local connectivity.

STIP consists of four components:

Budget 2015 restored $100 million in funding to STIP after this program was unfunded for new projects for the three previous years. Budget 2017 dedicates $100 million over three years --2017-18 to 2019-2020.

Prior to calling for new STIP applications in fall 2016, the Government of Alberta consulted with municipal partners and key stakeholders in spring 2016 to ensure the criteria and application process achieved the most efficient and cost-effective results possible upon reinstatement.

For more information, see the STIP fact sheet.

Projects Approved for 2017-18 STIP Funding

On May 31, 2017, the Government of Alberta more than $37 million in Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program grants to support 87 municipal road, bridge and community airport projects in 50 communities across Alberta. The 2017-18 approved projects list is available here. Click here for a map of the approved projects.

Program Benefits

STIP provides cost-shared funding for projects that sustain local transportation infrastructure in rural and smaller urban municipalities.Eligible projects include the development and construction of key local and regional roads, local road bridges, and the rehabilitation and pavement overlays of the primary runway, main taxiway, and apron at community airports, as well as runway lighting. Key outcomes for the program include improved accessibility and movement of goods and people, increased capacity of municipal transportation infrastructure to support economic growth and meet the public’s travel demands, improved safety and efficiency, and the extension of the service life of key transportation infrastructure.

What's New?

After working with STIP stakeholders, government has worked to revise the STIP program to better meet the needs of stakeholders, including the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties.

Some highlights of the updated STIP program include:

  • Enhanced project eligibility
    • Runway lighting will now be eligible for funding under the Community Airport Program
    • Roads that support existing industry (versus new or expanded industry) will now be eligible for funding under the Resource Road Program.
  • Streamlined eligibility process
    • The previous Local Road Bridge program was complex to administer – different bridge assets were funded at varying levels. The new program funds all bridge structure components at the same percentage.
  • Enhanced application criteria
    • Projects that show economic, social and environmental benefits, and use innovative construction materials or practices that reduce project costs or environmental impacts will receive additional weighting in the application review process.
    • Projects that leverage alternative funding sources, from the public or private sector, will receive additional weighting in the application review process.

Funding Policy

Funding for STIP is provided to municipalities on a cost-share basis. The amount provided by the government varies depending on the program component. Annual funding amounts for STIP are determined during the budget deliberation process every year.

In order to be eligible for funding, municipalities must apply to Alberta Transportation for specific projects that are aligned with the particular program’s criteria. Applications are reviewed on a competitive basis province-wide.  Projects that best align with the criteria laid out for each of STIP’s components are prioritized and recommended for Ministerial approval.

Additional weighting will be given to projects that leverage alternative funding sources (i.e. federal or private industry contribution). Projects that show economic, social and environmental benefits, and use innovative construction materials or practices that reduce project costs or environmental impacts will also receive additional weighting in the application review process. 

Upon Ministerial approval, a project-specific funding agreement must be executed that summarizes the responsibilities of the municipality and the department.

Grant payments for approved projects will be incremental and are generally made on progress.

It should be noted that changes in project scope are generally not considered once a project has been approved. However, if necessary, you may contact your Alberta Transportation Regional Office to discuss the potential for adjusting the scope of an approved project.

Application Process

Applications are due November 30th for funding in the following year. The 2017-18 approved projects list is available here.

Click here to view or download the updated STIP application guidelines for all four STIP components. Click here to download the Local Road Bridge Funding Request form.

Project applications for each of STIP’s components must be submitted to your Alberta Transportation Regional Office in person or by mail, or online through the Municipal Grants Management Application system, by the annual deadline.

Applications will be reviewed and assessed to confirm that the proposed project meets program criteria. Projects are then rated on a province-wide, competitive basis.

Factors that contribute to the rating of each project include:

  • Basic need
  • Safety
  • Functionality
  • Implications for the overall transportation network
  • The current condition of the infrastructure
  • Total traffic volumes
  • Truck traffic volumes
  • Cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Collaboration or partnership with industry or other municipalities or Métis Settlements
  • Economic, social, environmental or innovation benefits
  • Use of alternate sources to fund the project (i.e. federal or private investment)

Once applications have been received, the Regional Directors will review them and forward the applications with their recommendations to the Municipal Programs Section, where all STIP projects from across the province will be evaluated and ranked. The department will review the proposed projects in order to finalize the prioritized list and the highest priority projects, subject to budget availability, will then be forwarded to the Minister for approval.

Municipalities will be advised by letter if their project has been approved for funding.

If your project is not approved for funding and you have questions about the decision, you can contact your Alberta Transportation Regional Office to discuss individual applications.

Updated December 2017

Contact Information

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