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City Transportation Fund

The City Transportation Fund (CTF) provides financial assistance for transportation capital projects. This annual allocation grant†is based on litres of taxable road-use gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the province and applies specifically to the Cities of Edmonton and Calgary. As of April 1, 2011, the CTF program†was consolidated in the Basic Municipal Transportation Fund.†

Program Description

As recommended by the 1999 Premierís Task Force on Infrastructure, the City Transportation Fund was established in 2000, to provide funding to the City of Calgary and Edmonton for capital transportation projects within these cities. Eligible projects are focused on primary highways and major streets through the cities, and major public transportation system requirements.

Generally, this grant assists these cities in developing and implementing safe, effective and integrated urban/regional transportation systems and facilities. A well-developed and balanced transportation system within each city encourages and supports the economic growth of Alberta, while at the same time improves transportation safety and promotes the quality of community life.

The City Transportation Fund provides conditional grants to these cities for capital-related projects that meet the program eligibility criteria. While a municipal cost-sharing contribution to eligible projects is encouraged, it is not a requirement under this program. Included in the list of eligible projects are design and engineering services, construction and rehabilitation of primary highway extensions and designated major truck routes, construction of grade separations, major transit capital projects (including the purchase of accessible transit vehicles), and transportation systems management projects.

For specific details refer to the†Administrative Procedures Guidelines for this program.

Program Benefits

The City Transportation Fund provides financial assistance to Calgary and Edmonton for the development and implementation of safe and effective highway routes and major streets through the cities, as well as modern bus and LRT public transit systems. The high level of personal mobility and the efficient distribution of goods and services within these large urban centers encourages and supports the economic growth of Alberta.

Funding Policy

Under the City Transportation Fund, the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton are each eligible for annual grant funding based on five cents per litre for the volume of taxable road-use gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the province. Projects such as construction, upgrading and rehabilitation of provincial highways and arterial streets (including interchanges) as well as LRT lines and bus purchases are eligible for cost-sharing at up to 100 percent Government funding subject to the amount funds available. The city establishes the priority for eligible projects.

Updated December 2013†


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