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Provincial Highway Maintenance Grant

The Provincial Highway Maintenance Grant is one component of the Alberta Cities Transportation Partnership (ACTP) Program. The ACTP generally provides financial assistance to Alberta's fourteen (14) cities (excludes Calgary and Edmonton) and two (2) designated "urban service" areas. Funding is provided for capital transportation projects on highways and truck routes, capital public transportation facilities and highway maintenance.

Program Benefits

The Provincial Highway Maintenance Grant is provided to reflect the province's responsibility in sharing the cost of operating and maintaining provincial highway routes through cities, and encourages efficient maintenance and operation of these provincially important roadways.

Funding Policy

The Provincial Highway Maintenance Grant is currently an annual grant of $1,959 per lane-kilometre provided to those cities having jurisdiction of the primary highway routes within their boundaries. Confirmation of the total lane-kilometres of primary highway routings in operation is required each year to ensure the appropriate allocation to the cities.

Updated December 2013

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