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Streets Improvement Program

The Streets Improvement Program (SIP) provides cost-shared grants to towns, villages, summer villages, and eligible hamlets to assist with the provision of lasting streets improvements, to enhance life in rural centers and to serve to attract the decentralization of industry. The program was initially introduced in 1989 and was renewed effective April 1, 1997. The current Streets Improvement Program is intended to be an on-going municipal support program, commencing April 1, 2002. This program replaces the previous '97 SIP which sunsets March 31, 2002.

The program allows the municipalities the flexibility to select their projects within general guidelines. Approved projects are eligible for 75% provincial funding for construction and engineering costs. All GST costs are the responsibility of the municipality. 

Program Benefits

The grant provides funding for capital street improvements such as grading, gravelling, base course, paving, sidewalks, curb and gutter, roadway drainage, bridges and related work. As well, safety related features such as traffic control devices, improved street illumination, safety barriers and fencing, warning signs and pedestrian signals, which will enhance transportation safety for all Albertans, can be funded. Barrier free transportation initiatives to improve accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities may be included.

Effective April 1, 2000, the reconstruction and/or replacement of existing municipal water distribution and sewage collection pipes within the roadway, in conjunction with street reconstruction, will also qualify for assistance.

Funding Policy

Towns, villages, and summer villages, with populations of 300 or more, are eligible for an annual grant allocation of $60 per capita, based on their official population (as reported by Alberta Municipal Affairs) for the previous year (i.e. the 2008 grant is based on the 2007 official population).

For towns, villages, and summer villages having populations of less than 300, the grant will include a "base grant" of $8,000 plus $33.33/capita.

For rural municipalities, the annual grant is based on the total aggregated population of all eligible hamlets within the municipality. The municipality will be eligible for $60 per capita; however, if the total aggregated population is less than 300, the allocation is calculated using the equation [$8,000 + $33.33/capita]. The rural municipality is permitted to use or assign the grant funds to any eligible project within any of their eligible hamlets. Rural municipalities are responsible for advising Alberta Transportation of any population changes in its eligible hamlets. Population figures should be compiled in accordance with the Determination of Population Regulation 63/2001 under RSA 2000, Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26, section 60(a) .

Approved projects are funded on 75% government / 25% municipality basis for construction and engineering costs, up to the approved maximum eligibility. Municipalities must provide to the department a listing of proposed work (application) for the upcoming and/or future years. The application must contain a description and scope of work, proposed construction schedule, detailed cost estimates, and a copy of a location plan. Approval of a project is conditional upon its eligibility under the program. Maintenance projects, municipal labour and equipment, and municipal administration costs are not eligible for funding. GST is not an eligible expenditure.

Updated December 2013

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