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Rural Transportation Grant

The purpose of this program is to assist rural municipalities in developing a network of roads to a uniform standard commensurate with demand and need, to increase the safety of the traveling public, and to ensure required engineering is undertaken for approved projects.

Program Benefits

Rural Transportation Grants are allocated to all counties, municipal districts, Metis settlements and special areas on an annual basis. The program allows the municipalities to meet the heavy traffic demand and the need for improved and expanded local road systems. The program also allows the municipalities to increase the safety of their local road infrastructure for the traveling public. This program also provides for the hiring of private engineering consultants for survey, design and supervision work for roadway construction projects.

Funding Policy

The Rural Transportation Grant is allocated utilizing a formula which takes into account kilometres of open road, population, equalized assessment, and terrain. Funding is provided for 100% of approved projects up to the municipalitys annual allocation. A minimum of 50% of all materials, labour and equipment engaged on projects eligible for funding must be obtained from the private sector.

Grant funding can be used for capital work undertaken on the local road system including, school bus routes, market roads, farm access roads, and other local roads. Projects such as grading/regrading, gravelling, base course, paving, seal coat, signing, pavement markings, and dust abatement are eligible under the program. Barrier-free transportation initiatives to improve accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities may be included. Maintenance projects and engineering or administration work performed by municipal staff are not eligible for funding.

Funds for bridge construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation are provided on a project specific basis with appropriate cost-sharing with the local road authority.

Updated December 2013


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