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Local Road Bridge Program

The Local Road Bridge (LRB) program provides financial assistance for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of bridge structures on local roads. 

Municipalities eligible for funding under LRB are Counties, Municipal Districts, Métis Settlements, Special Areas, Towns, Villages, Summer Villages, and any Specialized Municipalities outside the defined urban service area.

Eligible projects can cover a wide range of activities to build, replace or repair both bridges and culverts.

Roads must be open for use by all publicly-licensed vehicles and not be subject to any municipal general user fees.

Funding Policy

$21 million in LRB funding has been allocated for 2017-18. For approved projects, cost-shared funding will be provided on a 75 per cent provincial/25 per cent municipal basis. Eligible projects should focus on the construction or rehabilitation of culverts, standard bridges, and/or major bridges. Projects are evaluated based on condition, functionality, risk of failure, risk of delay, local impact (including length of detour), and local priority. The cost of the infrastructure is compared to the net benefits of the infrastructure.

Click here to view or download STIP application guidelines, including LRB.

Updated November 2016

Contact Information

For more information, pleasecontact yourRegion.

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