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Highway Design and Construction

Construction activities on Alberta's highways are carried out by the private companies and the department's consultant oversees the work to ensure it meets high standards.

If you're engaged in construction activities on behalf of the department, you will be interested in the information below. Just click the links.

Some documents on this site require Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better, available for free from .

Alberta Transportation has high standards which it follows when building highways. If you are an organization working on behalf of Alberta Transportation or you are interested in the department's guidelines, visit the links below.

Alberta TransportationBenefit Cost Model and User Guide

Construction Bulletins

Design Bulletins

Design Exceptions

Dispute Resolution Process for Government of Alberta Construction Contracts

Geometric Roadway Information

Geotechnical and Erosion Design Guides

Highway Construction Specifications

Highway Geometric Design Guide

Highway Maintenance Specifications (pdf 1.48MB)

Highway Standard Plates CB-6 Standards

Land Acquisition for Highway Construction(pdf)

Manual for Inspection and Testing Portable Weigh Scales (pdf)

Quality Assurance Testing and Reporting

Roadside Design Guide

Stoney Trail (Spy Hill) Lands Development Project


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