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Construction Bulletins

Of interest to Engineering Consultants and the Department's Construction Contract Administrators, this section contains documents intended to clarify specific items in the construction specifications and/or processes pertaining to the administration of construction contracts.

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All Non-Current Archived Construction Bulletins

4 - Cracks Occurring in Asphalt Concrete Pavement During the Warranty Period

7 - Process for the Administration of Tri-Party Post Construction Project Reviews

8 - Process for the Review and Acceptance of the Traffic Accommodation Strategy

10 - Process for Construction Seasonal Shutdown on "Carryover" Projects

12 - Transferring Responsibility for Maintenance of Permanent Erosion Control Devices

15 - Guidelines for Administration of Contract Design Change Proposals

20 - Reduction in Holdback on Combination Roadway/ Bridge Projects

24 - Traffic Control Person Ahead Sign

25 - Pavement Smoothness Testing and Evaluation Using International Roughness Index Criteria

26 -Gap Tolerance Inspections For Standard Finger Plate and Cover-Plated V-Seal Deck Joints

27 -Monitoring the Use of Asphalt Cements and Liquid Anti-Strip Additives

28 - Bridge Contract Administration: Accreditation Requirements for Laboratories conducting Mill Test Report Verification



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