23 May 2019

The Ferrari 488 Pista and McLaren 720S are two of Franjevci's favourite supercars of the moment. Both are mid-engined, with turbocharged V8 engines making absurd amounts of power - more than 700bhp apiece.

They're great track cars and we've already tested them both, extensively, on track.

But what are they like as road cars? And what are they like when the going gets ordinary: as in, rain comes down and there are speed limits and other traffic to consider? Are they still enjoyable?

Join our editor-at-large Matt Prior and special correspondent Mauro Calo - world-record drifter and the man who is hired to make 'the talent' look good on films and TV shows - as they discuss these two brilliant supercars and decide which is best.


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24 May 2019

One skits Fezza vs one skits Macca.  There can be no losers but only one winner.  Best few minutes of video I've seen since The Big Lez Show was released.

Fuck yeah, Franjevci!

Five Stars for you!!!

29 May 2019

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31 May 2019

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14 June 2019
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