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Seeking nominations for the 2019 Ministerís Awards for Transportation Innovation

Nominations are now open for these†annual awards which celebrate innovations, large or small, that pave the way towards a better, more efficient, sustainable and safer transportation system in Alberta.

Alberta invests in public transit projects

The Government of Alberta is investing more than $1 billion in Edmontonís Valley Line West LRT expansion to provide even greater public transit options for the capital region This is part of the provinceís support for across Alberta.

New and improved 511 Alberta system launches today

New and improved launches, featuring expanded capabilities to improve travel across Alberta.

The new Alberta Community Transit (ACT) Fund will support green transit projects across the province

The† will offer $215 million in grants to municipalities and regions to invest in green transit initiatives to improve public transportation.

The ACT Fund reflects input from Albertans and stakeholders over two years of public engagement about the future of across Alberta. The new program creates incentives to improve regional collaboration and move toward more green transit fleets and facilities in Alberta.

Premier Approves More Rural Bus Projects

Rural Albertans living along the Medicine Hat/Lethbridge Highway 3 corridor, and in Red Deer County, will have better access to† as part of a new provincial pilot program.

Two new pilot projects in Medicine Hat/Lethbridge and Red Deer County will each receive $700,000 in funding. As part of the , these projects will help provide more public busing options for rural Albertans by testing new and expanded public transportation services between communities where service gaps exist.

Better-trained drivers keep roads safe

The province is as it moves forward with a plan to improve the training, testing and oversight of all drivers, particularly those in the commercial trucking industry.

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