Mazda CX-30 Geneva motor show - front 3/4
New CX-30 touts Mazda's distinctive Kodo design language

Matt Prior: the trends of the Geneva motor show

A walk around the show floor reveals an unexpected turning of the tables in terms of car design

by Matt Prior
22 March 2019
Tester’s notes
Porsche Cayenne Coupe side profile

Opinion: Why the time is right for the Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Where the BMW X6 attracted ridicule when it was launched 12 years ago, the Cayenne Coupe feels right for the market

by Jim Holder
21 March 2019
New cars
Formula E André Lotterer and Sam Bird in Hong Kong
André Lotterer and Sam Bird in Hong Kong. It didn’t end well

Racing lines: Why you should give Formula E a chance

Lack of engine noise and tight circuits might put some viewers off, but give it a try and you might see why it makes sense

by Damien Smith
21 March 2019
Skoda Kamiq
The Kamiq will bolster Skoda sales in 2019

Why Skoda must keep its eye on the ball

The Czech car maker needs to invest wisely to ensure long-term success

by Rachel Burgess
20 March 2019
2020 BMW M3
The next-gen BMW M3 makes substantial power increases over its predecessor

Are we now in the age of the hyper-saloon?

BMW's M cars are tipped to receive more potent powertrains from 2020, which threatens their position as performance family cars

by Lawrence Allan
19 March 2019
New cars
Limited-slip differential cutaway
The latest LSDs have electronically activated clutches instead of mechanical ramps which compress the plates and lock the differential

Under the skin: how technology is improving limited-slip differentials

We take a look inside the crucial component in any performance car's drivetrain

by Jesse Crosse
18 March 2019
Tesla Model Y on the road blue

Why Tesla's most important model yet brings few surprises

The Model Y didn't debut with any gimmicky features – but it didn't need them, and is a good sign for things to come from Tesla

by Tom Morgan
15 March 2019
New cars
Aston Martin stands to reinvent the supercar with the Vanquish Vision and AM-RB 003

Matt Prior: the sad decline of supercar start-ups

Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and Lamborghini are in the grip of an arms race, but is there a David to take on these Goliaths?

by Matt Prior
15 March 2019
Geneva motor show
WLTP testing Mercedes

Why Franjevci is committing to WLTP testing figures

We're adapting our reviews, features and magazine data pages to give you the fairest and clearest efficiency ratings possible

by Matt Saunders
14 March 2019
Sebastian Vettel Ferrari Formula 1

Racing lines: Why Vettel could be F1 champion or bust in 2019

Youngest champion of all time needs a great season under new boss at Ferrari

by Damien Smith
14 March 2019


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