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Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG)

The BMTG provides financial assistance for developing and maintaining capital transportation infrastructure requirements, promoting economic growth, and improving quality of community life.  This program provides annual allocation-based funding for capital construction and rehabilitation of local transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, and public transit.

All Alberta cities, towns, villages, summer villages,  counties and municipal districts, specialized municipalities, Metis Settlements, and the Special Areas are eligible for this grant.

Examples of eligible capital projects include construction and rehabilitation of local and regional roads and streets, rehabilitation and construction of municipal bridges, and municipally-owned infrastructure for transit service systems including LRT lines and stations, bus terminals, transit passenger vehicles (buses, LRT), etc.


Program Benefits

Funding Policy

Program Consolidation



The Basic Municipal Transportation Grant provides annual allocation-based financial assistance to municipalities for the development and implementation of a safe, effective, and integrated roadway network and transportation system within their jurisdiction. A well-developed and balanced regional/provincial transportation system encourages and supports the economic growth of Alberta, while improving transportation safety and promoting the quality of community life.

Program Benefits

The BMTG grant provides funding for eligible capital transportation projects including road construction, rehabilitation, and major public transit system requirements. In addition, the program includes Barrier-Free Transportation initiatives to improve accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities. Included in the list of eligible transportation projects are design and engineering services, construction and rehabilitation of roads, streets, and highway, construction of grade separations, major transit capital projects, bus and LRT vehicle purchase (including the purchase of accessible transit vehicles), and transportation system management projects.

For specific details refer to the BMTG Program Guidelines.

Funding Policy

Under BMTG each municipality is eligible to receive an annual formula based grant. The formula provides a predictable level of funding assistance to each municipality, based on statistical information provided by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance and Alberta Municipal Affairs, and on provincial budget availability.

The funding level to each municipality is determined annually based on the total value of the municipality's eligible projects up to a maximum annual allocation.

Program Consolidation

April 1, 2011 this grant program consolidates all of the following components:


Updated November 2013




Contact Information

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