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Local Municipal Initiative Program

The Local Municipal Initiative (LMI) provides funding to support special initiatives that are not eligible for funding under other STIP components, such as highway de-designations and park access road paving, or emergent, special-need municipal projects that address significant local or regional pressures.

Municipalities eligible for funding under LMI are Cities, Counties, Municipal Districts, Métis Settlements, Special Areas, Towns, Villages, Summer Villages, and Specialized Municipalities.

Funding Policy

$5 million in LMI funding has been allocated for 2017-18.

Criteria for project eligibility have been delineated to lend greater transparency to this STIP component. Projects that align with the GoAs four priority areaseconomic, social, environmental and innovativeand are not eligible for funding under any other STIP components will be considered for funding. Preference will be given to projects that are joint provincial/municipal priorities.

Municipalities are encouraged to work with Alberta Transportation and their local MLA to identify suitable projects.

Click here to view or download STIP application guidelines, including LMI.


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